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A philosophy ⎮ A method ⎮ An art of living

To learn how to converse with the living within and around you


The problem of modern analytical vision

Thanks to the apogee of analytical intelligence (from the Greek “analysis”: to separate the whole into distinct parts), man has been able to study both the infinitely small and the infinitely large, resulting in extraordinary technological and medical inventions.

However, this philosophy has led us to divide the living world into different disciplines and levels of expertise so high that we have lost sight of the whole and of the wisdom of systems.

And yet, as far as humans are concerned, everything is multifactorial, and studying just one of our characteristics is counter-productive.

But there exists no longer a generalist approach capable of accompanying the different planes of our being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), in all its systems (body, couple, family, business, society…).

So today, when a person has a problem, he or she finds himself or herself alone in dealing with the various specialists, with no real “generalist” to guide, accompany and coach him or her back to full vitality.

This is happening at all levels.

Society lacks cohesion, as communities drift apart. Individuals find themselves on their own dealing with their individual problems when in fact these problems are also collective and systemic.

The proposed solutions are always technical, adapted to the symptoms alone, and fail to take broader systems into account, losing sight of what’s essential: the living.


Specialists can't learn everything…

In the world of alternative or natural medicine, as in all subjects, there is a commendable appetite for this holistic vision. Everyone tries to learn as much as they can, in order to improve their skills and gain a more “general” vision of their field of action. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into long-winded studies without really being able to make the essential links between all these practices, and end up bewildered by the infinite field of possibilities.

However, there is a powerful “theory of everything” that enables us to act on all levels.

More than 2000 years of observation of the living…

Taoists and experts in traditional Chinese medicine had already been making these connections more than 2,000 years ago, but they didn’t benefit from modern scientific advances or more up-to-date therapies such as hypnosis and so on.

The Unisun method is inspired by this ancestral knowledge and enriched with the cognitive sciences, brief therapies (hypnosis, coaching, NLP, gestalt, etc.) and even knowledge in osteopathy, naturopathy… and that’s not it, because it also offers a dynamic research framework, capable of incorporating any useful technique within its structure, for a better dialogue with nature.

A philosophical and educational framework for learning how to converse with the living...

By thinking in terms of the whole (systemic) rather than the details (analytical), Unisun explains the laws of vitality and transformation in a simple and educational way, accessible to children and adults alike. It is both a tool for dialogue with nature inside and outside us, and an art of living at the service of our reconnection with the living, so as to participate in the emergence of a more conscious world.


A movement to reconnect with the living...

Imagine a world where everyone would have the same “vocabulary” to engage in a dialogue with their own energies, with nature and with others.

A world that would be trained (schools, children, parents, coaches, businesses, therapists, organizations, leaders, etc.) to restore this dialogue and promote reconnection with life.

Imagine a world where everyone shared the same “vocabulary” for interacting with their own energies, with nature and with others.

A world that would be trained (schools, children, parents, coaches, businesses, therapists, organizations, leaders…) to re-establish such a dialogue and promote reconnection with living beings.

Unisun offers a method at the service of individuals and living systems, for both individual and collective development, and a philosophical and educational basis which makes it possible to integrate all medicines, therapies and practices. Rather than being in contradiction, we’re offering a framework so that we can finally understand each other and unite.

Unisun is based on:

⦿ 4 levels of experience (physical - emotional - mental - spiritual)
⦿ 5 forces of life (the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine)
⦿ 10 universal laws describing the manifestation of the living, based on these 5 forces
⦿ Systemics and homeostasis explained by taiji (yin-yang)

And it includes all practices (psychotherapies, coaching, hypnosis, dietetics, gestalt, etc.) or even philosophies that naturally relate to 1 or more of these forces and laws.

Nothing escapes these life forces. They operate in everything, at every moment and in any system (individual, couple, family, company, etc.).

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unisun tapis

Training with the UNISUN method means:​

⦿ Developing your skills, your awareness and your vitality, at the service of your personal development as well as that of your loved ones and by extension of society

⦿ Understanding how to play with life’s energies to rediscover and enhance your sense of joy and happiness

⦿ Being part of a community where everyone pulls each other up, in a spirit of good-heartedness and mutual support

Becoming a practitioner thanks to UNISUN Academy means:

⦿ Learning to support the return to health (of a physical body, as well as a social body, or even a couple or a company)

⦿ Understanding and overcoming resistance to change (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), both in your clients and yourself

⦿ Learning to use the UNISUN™ healing mat to support metamorphosis, for better decision-making, to release doubts and solve problems…

⦿ Training in a new discipline with a bright future, closer to the laws of nature and the living, becoming an accomplished human being and why not a leader of this new discipline


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