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Awaken your vital forces through mindfulness.

I choose to heal:
the first book by Fabien Malgrand

Do you really know yourself? What do you know about your own health? About your self-healing powers? The influence of your mindfulness on your vital energy?

Are you ready to take control of your health and unlock your full health potential?

Immerse yourself in this transformative journey where you will learn the secrets to healing your body, mind and soul.

je choisis de guerir 2023

"I Choose to Heal" is much more than just a book. It is an invitation to embrace your inner healing power and transform your life.

Don't let illness or pain dictate your existence. Choose healing today and discover a world of possibilities for your health and well-being."

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Find full health

You will discover :

“The illness fell on me”: true? Fake !

90% of accepted beliefs about health lead you straight towards illness (yes, I’m just talking about “beliefs” which lead you towards illness)

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Build your health through mindfulness

A glimpse of what awaits you inside...

“It is false to believe that you have lost your health! In fact, you already have health and you will have it until you die! It acts in you at every moment to keep you alive. She works to adapt to whatever conditions you impose on her. At no time does she let go of you, not for a second does she betray you. On the contrary, she does everything possible for you. Do you even think about thanking her? To honor him? Or do you keep thinking she’s bad? In fact, health and life are the same thing. From the moment you are alive, you have this force of health that works in every moment.” 

Extract page 160 – Éditions Shen –

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Fabien Malgrand

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Fabien Malgrand grew up feeling uncomfortable and desperate to suffer from numerous health problems, he is now in great health, author and therapist specializing in self-healing.

Here he shares his personal experience as a patient and therapist, trained in so many complementary approaches to health (sophrology, yoga, coaching, hypnosis, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional and shamanic approaches from many cultures) 

Discover the method he developed during his years of research. Whether you suffer from a chronic illness, a deteriorating health condition or simply a desire to feel better, “I Choose to Heal” offers you a holistic and accessible approach to regain your balance and live a healthy life. vibrant.

“Sick or not, this action plan guides you towards full energy and full health”

This book is not theory. Everything described here is concrete, pragmatic and useful… And deeply alive.

Health is not just the absence of disease, it is vitality available for the success of your projects.

je choisis de guerir 2023

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