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They participated in Unisun Energy...

If you’ve ever wondered if Unisun Energy was right for you,
I have over 33 incredible students to introduce you to.

These are people who all arrived with different baggage and situations, hypersensitivity, burn-out, depression, health problems… and they have sometimes already tried other solutions or, sometimes, are just starting out in their personal development.

They have inspiring stories, and I think they will help you see what is possible with Unisun Energy. Take a look… click on the videos to see their testimonials 🙂 


Amélie has put down her (family) baggage

confidence, legitimacy, self-esteem, being yourself

Joan: I listen to myself and I’ve found my place…

depression, sleep disorders, feeling who you are, listening to yourself

Alexis: My best years are ahead of me!

opening up to yourself, feeling alive

Alicia: It’s actually quite easy!

handling of emotions, hypersensitivity, listening to yourself, taking care of yourself

Marion, Violaine, Catherine, Fanette…

Cindy: I’ve recovered an enormous amount of energy

mind control, hypersensitivity, vitality, feeling & intuition

Catherine: I’ve decrypted my body’s messages

holistic health, becoming a creator, guidance and support

Bérangère: My relationships are much better!

fears, doubts in relationships and professional life, respecting one’s needs

Fanette: I was angry at myself…

burn out, chronic fatigue, regain confidence, fear

Sébastien, je venais pour la santé mais tout s’est ré-équilibré

santé, équilibre, intention

Claire: The momentum is back!

renewed desire and energy, finding one’s way, celestial mandate, loneliness, misunderstanding by those around you

Violaine: I’ve taken a step back…

daily impact, community, letting go, self-worth

Adeline: I’m at peace

self-confidence, reconnecting with oneself, barriers and conditioning

Tiphaine, Nancy, Kim, Sophie, Amélie…

Julia: my life project has become clear!

stress, mindfulness, energy boost, vitality

Anne: I couldn’t feel anything…

being where you belong, taking time for yourself

Alan: A powerful mirror effect!

work on yourself, personal development, community, self-confidence

Sophie, Karina, Judith, Danièle, Clémentine…

Dominique: I’m very happy with the results!

love yourself, health & vitality, stop smoking, intention

Tillie: I’ve learned to say no

awareness, feeling, listening, burn-out, mental overload

Héléna: I have a new vision and it changes everything

anxiety, loss of meaning, awareness

Françoise: I’ve had some revelations!

burnout, couple, serenity, emotions

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