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trouver le vrai sens de ma vie video

Mini training offered
Free your inner energy

I guide you through the key steps behind the Unisun method.
Discover how they all combine to help you flourish, move forward with confidence and create a fulfilling life.


Measure your Energy Profile™

And get a concrete description of your natural strengths and untapped potential.

This free personalized report presents an in-depth map of your current energy to:

  • Better understand yourself and what you create and attract into your life.
  • Identify what is blocking you from your personal advancement
  • Learn how to better deploy your strengths in the service of your life
guide unisun academy

The method to succeed in your accompaniments

Download the free guide and find out how to succeed in your support by following the Unisun method.

  • Gain efficiency, without changing your therapeutic tools and techniques
  • Better support your client, even in complex and multidimensional situations
  • Adopt a systemic approach to achieve rapid and lasting results


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