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Unisun Energy

An initiatory journey to transform your life


A holistic and systemic philosophy
to reconnect you with the living within and around you.

The only online training course to:

⦿ Drastically change your vision and lifestyle to fully embrace the path to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

⦿ Find balance, your inner peace over the long term.

⦿ Feel alive and develop your energy and your vitality .

⦿ Make peace with your past, live fully in the present moment while having a clear, positive vision of your future.

⦿ Develop a deep understanding of your energies to manifest the life most right for you.  

⦿ Achieve your goals through ongoing training, with daily follow-up and resources.

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UNISUN, an experience of reconnection with nature within and outside you:

Each of us is much more than the sum of our parts.

Our emotions, thoughts and body work together, influencing our well-being, success and happiness on a daily basis.

At Unisun, we understand the importance of integrating the human being as a whole and as energy, constantly communicating with the forces of life and nature. This unique method links ancestral healing techniques with new practices such as NLP and hypnosis, for a complete approach that applies to everyone. It is a philosophy of life that will transform the way you function, so you can live in harmony with yourself and the living forces around you.

unisun leader

What is a holistic philosophy?

A holistic philosophy is an integrated approach that takes into account all aspects of the individual: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Rather than focusing only on one specific aspect, such as career or physical health, this method examines how each element interacts and influences the others. It is a profound and transformative approach which aims at harmonizing each facet of our being in order to create a sustainable and beneficial synergy with ourselves and our environment.

Why this philosophy?

Whether you feel an imbalance in your life, a desire for change or simply a curiosity to explore your potential to the full, this philosophy offers tools and perspectives tailored to your well-being, your growth and to the creation of a more serene and authentic life.

With Unisun, you will not only be guided towards concrete goals, you’ll also be invited to dive into the core of your being, rediscover your deepest values and align every aspect of your life with them.

If you’re looking for a true metamorphosis that goes beyond the surface, an approach that respects and celebrates the complexity and beauty of your individuality, then UNISUN ENERGY training is for you.

A comprehensive and effective method:

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Access to a unique initiatory journey

More than 150 hours of video training, designed as an initiatory program, thanks to a global philosophy that will serve you throughout your life, with the support of an active, caring community and professional practitioners...

Unisun Energy 1

Start here to change your paradigm and start building a philosophy that can serve you...

Unisun Balance

Discover your true needs and learn how to recreate the balance YOU really need...

Unisun Forces 2

Learn how to use the 5 forces of life at the service of your personal fulfillment...

Unisun Power 3

Activate the creative energies of your reality to regain your personal power...

Unisun Challenge

We support you for 30 days to bring about concrete change in your life...

Unisun Breath 2

Learn the 10 breathing techniques that instantly transform your vital energy...

Unisun Mission

Discover the mandate of your Being and define the mission you wish to set in order to fulfill it...

Unisun Vitality

Use the 10 universal laws of metamorphosis to boost your vitality and your health!

Unisun Dream

Learn how to dream and connect with the invisible worlds, those visited by shamans to get information...

Unisun Sleep

Optimize your sleep to wake up feeling so refreshed that you may even need to sleep less...

Unisun Relax

The greatest gift you can give yourself is learning to recharge your batteries in all circumstances...

Unisun Training 4P 3

Train daily to gain full consciousness of the 4 planes (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)...

Unisun Love 1

Understanding how energy unfolds in our relationships means having the power to create love and magic...

Unisun Sexuality

Sexual energy is the most powerful of all, it literally creates the world. Brighten up your life with it...

Unisun Prosperity

Learn how to create abundance, whether financial or not, and the energy will work for you...

Unisun Unity

Train your spiritual abilities to become "One" again, connected, guided and at the service of something greater than yourself...

Unisun Training 5S

Practice daily mindfulness and liberation from your 5 senses...

Unisun Training Emotional

Train daily to be fully aware of your emotional energies...

Unisun Training Mental

The mind is a bad master, but you can turn him into a good servant...

Unisun community

Find all the resources shared by Fabien and his team during bi-monthly lives.

*PLEASE NOTE: When you begin the course, we invite you to follow the first 5 modules first, in order to fully immerse yourself in the philosophy that will guide you through all the other modules. These are not all available yet, but will be arriving in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you can register at a lower price.

A pedagogy based on community and mutual aid

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An online platform

A digital platform with over 150 hours of video training available 24/7

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Live sessions

LIVE (and recorded) workshops and masterclasses every 2 weeks for moments of connection, practice, and answers to your questions, with Fabien or a referent coach.

unisun mentor

A pocket mentor

A daily message from Fabien to read and apply directly, to support theoretical notions and feel supported.

unisun collectif 1

A community to support you

Community tools for daily exchanges with your classmates and your coach, so that you can feel motivated and supported every day.

unisun outils

A toolbox

Unlimited access to a toolbox of introspection practices and exercises to back up theory.

Select your subscription:



40€ / month
Access to over 150 hours of video training
Access to 2 lives per month and to practitioner-coaches to answer your questions
Pocket mentor : A daily message from Fabien


Best offer

30€ / month
Everything included in the "Monthly" offer
Pay for 12 months in 1 installment and save 3 months by subscribing to this annual offer (i.e. 12x30€ = 360€/year)

For life

- - -

990€ / 1 time
A one-time payment for lifetime access to Unisun Energy, including future training and updates.

*You can unsubscribe at any time with a simple email to

Discover the testimonials of Unisun ENERGY members

Marion, Violaine, Catherine, Fanette…

Tiphaine, Nancy, Kim, Sophie, Amélie…

Sophie, Karina, Judith, Danièle, Clémentine…

Amélie1st graduating class of the School of Energy.
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It was very intense for me. I started this training with suitcases full of judgments, habits and false beliefs. It was so heavy I couldn't move. Now I've decided to unload those suitcases. At first I was frustrated, I put a lot of intensity into it, I was trying hard to succeed. A lot of things were questioned until I felt a very powerful connection with who I am. I don't carry any of that luggage today and I never thought this could be possible, this is not the education I got, I'd been told I would never achieve anything and today, just the fact of being and having gained self-confidence, I'm filled with gratitude every day and I'm just happy to be here. I have accepted and feel fully responsible. It was a revelation to realize that I'm responsible for what I do and how I think. And that's a real gift. The community has been a gift too. I was afraid of what people would think of me. In the end, I was nourished by others. As someone who loves to travel, I was always looking for the next destination, but today I'm on the most beautiful journey of all, an inner journey. Thank you all, I've had many mirrors in the community. Many thanks to Fabien and Marine. I can't wait to carry on, there's been a lot of changes in my professional life. I want to keep on bringing vitality into my daily life, and above all be at the heart of my decision-making.
Violaine1st graduating class of the School of Energy
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This training course, as it was designed, both both in terms of content and form, has brought me a lot. It has enabled me to understand concepts that come back to me in small touches everyday. And the most important thing for me is this community which is non-judgmental! You can express your good times, your not so good times... Despite ups and downs, today I manage to take a step back and see these repetitive patterns, without losing perspective. Before the training, I was almost unkind to myself, and I learned to be able to take a step back and restore gentleness. The Daily Self-Reminders spoke a lot to me: learning to observe yourself and to be a good “parent” to yourself. It allowed me to listen to myself more and I’m taking a step towards listening to my being too. So thank you very much to the Schooll of Energy for this training and to the community which really helped me!
Marion2nd graduating class of the School of Energy
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I found this training really great! At the beginning I was nourished by theory, because Chinese energetics was something that had spoken to me for a long time but I didn't understand anything about it. It gave me elements of understanding that really helped me on a mental level. It was truly a revelation to understand all these things and to go deeper into these concepts. After that, everything went very fast: lots of things happened in my life, both in terms of meetings and work.
Nancy2nd graduating class of the School of Energy
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My life is changing... I dare to do more things, and I'm coming out of my shell more and more. What I am today is nothing like what I was a few years ago! I dare to sing in front of an audience, I dared to quit my job, and to do lots of new things, and to realize that my illness was a blessing for me. What I like about this training is the way it breaks energies down into something clear and understandable. I understand the energies that we use every day while being alive. It's done me a lot of good to practice my rituals every day with the other members!

Answers to frequently asked questions

You are not alone in this case, the to-do list is endless. But you don’t have to pick! You can move forward at your own pace, and we’re here to help!

> You will have access to my 10 best tips that will help you free up your time: by applying these tips, you’ll finally be able to find a balance between your responsibilities and your hobbies, enabling you to live a more fulfilling life and a peaceful daily routine.

I understand that your time is precious, which is why I’ve optimized every aspect of the course to make it concise, clear and easy to follow. The modules are structured to provide you with relevant and concrete information without overwhelming you.

Initially, the people who consulted me were mainly concerned with health issues, but over the years of practice, the Unisun method has proved to be effective in accompanying all kinds of situations and problems:

Lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, legitimacy, past traumas, heavy and complex family relationships, difficulties in making decisions, learning to say no, need for clarity concerning your real aspirations in life, difficulties in managing your emotions, lack of mental clarity, of intuition, of self-knowledge, difficulties in expressing your authenticity, in enjoying your existence, in identifying your needs, obstacles linked to deep-seated fears, people who don’t listen to themselves and privilege others at their own expense, apprehension of judgment, tendency to procrastinate, fear of leaving your comfort zone, of uncertainty, of letting go, of failure, feelings of guilt, victim posture, financial stability problems and material anxieties, loneliness in your life, isolation in your process of self-knowledge, chronic pain, lack of vitality, fatigue, sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, difficulties in overcoming your own obstacles and limiting beliefs, laborious search for your professional path, search for a deeper meaning to your existence, learning to communicate better with others…

And many other subtle aspects as well are working in depth…

This is metamorphosis in all its glory…

And best of all, it can be done at any age – our learners range from 18 to 70!

And if you’re still hesitating, I’ve already e-mailed you a link to the many inspiring testimonials of our learners.

I perfectly understand your doubts and concerns. It’s normal to feel uncertain about new experiences and the challenges they may bring.

Everyone goes through periods of doubt and lack of self-confidence. It’s a natural reaction in the process of growth and evolution.

Unisun Energy has been specifically designed to help you overcome these obstacles and boost your self-confidence. The contents will guide you step-by-step to discover your deepest needs, desires and aspirations.

Remember that you are unique and possess exceptional qualities. Unisun Energy will help you explore and understand your true essence by connecting to your deepest values and aspirations. By focusing on your strengths and working on your untapped potential, you will develop your confidence, self-esteem and legitimacy.

In addition, Unisun Energy offers you support and a caring community. You will not be alone in this personal development journey. You’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who’ll understand your doubts and concerns. Mutual assistance and exchanges within this community will allow you to support each other.

Every big change begins with a first step, and this is often the most difficult one to take. By choosing to join Unisun Energy, you are demonstrating courage and open-mindedness. Above all, you are driven by a form of “faith”: you know deep down that the time is right. This is a unique opportunity to discover yourself, to connect with yourself and to create the fulfilling life that truly suits you.

I’m convinced that you have the potential to succeed and get the most out of this program. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself and seize this opportunity. Allow yourself to be surprised and transform into a more fulfilled version of yourself aligned with your inner being.

Remember that the path of personal development is not linear, but it’s precisely this self-exploration that makes life rich and exciting. You are capable of far more than you imagine. Embark on this extraordinary adventure that is Unisun Energy, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. That’s what all our members tell us!

I myself began my path of transformation at the age of 13, without any support, and my family didn’t really understand my approach. I know it can be difficult not to have the support and understanding of those around you. You’re not alone in this situation, as is probably the case for 80% of the people who join our program.

Everyone has their own vision of happiness and fulfillment, and it’s normal that your choices and decisions may seem strange or unfamiliar to some. But that’s no reason to abandon your own dreams and desires. You are the creator of your life, and you have the right to choose the path that seems best for you.

By following Unisun Energy, you give yourself the opportunity to discover yourself, connect with your true essence and live a life that truly suits you. It is a courageous and empowering act. Even if those around you don’t fully understand this process, remember that their lack of understanding in no way diminishes the value of your choices.

Unisun Energy offers a community of participants who are walking in the same direction as you. These people share a common interest in personal development and the search for deep fulfillment. By getting involved in this community, you will be able to build meaningful connections, exchange ideas, share your experiences and feel supported throughout your journey.

Remember that personal development is an individual journey, you must chart your own path, even if it means feeling momentarily isolated.

Also know that I am here for you. I fully support you in this adventure.

If you need to talk, share your experiences or find additional resources, do not hesitate to share it with me in the Unisun Energy forum or during our video calls which take place twice a month.

You have the potential to become the best version of yourself and create a life that fills you with joy and satisfaction. Don’t let other people’s opinions get in the way of your progress. Listen to your heart, trust your choices and your instincts, as well as your own vision of what is important to you.

The magic of the 5 life forces is that they are present everywhere! That’s why Unisun Energy embraces a holistic approach. The principles of this method can be applied equally well to your personal, relational, love and professional life.

Unisun Energy opens up valuable perspectives to guide you in your quest for a fulfilling life in harmony with your inner being, including in your professional life.

Identifying one’s professional path is often a complex and delicate process. It can be difficult to discern our true aspirations and translate them into concrete choices. Unisun Energy provides you with a clear structure and resources to help you explore your core skills, needs, desires, interests and values. By connecting with your essence, you can discover the areas that resonate with your true being.

Exchanges and mutual support within the community will also enable you to explore different perspectives and share experiences that will guide you in your reflection.

It’s important to understand that the Unisun Energy program won’t impose a path for you to follow. On the contrary, it will guide you through a process of self-discovery that will help you identify your deepest aspirations and make informed decisions. It will encourage you to get closer to what you’re truly passionate about.

Seize this opportunity to discover your potential and create a career aligned with your deepest aspirations.

Unisun gives you back the power to be yourself!

Unisun Energy also addresses those who have already tried other programs, taken various training courses, invested a considerable amount of money, and still feel a void.
The aim is to make you autonomous and creative – in short, to give you back your power!
The aim is to provide you with the keys to being responsible, independent and autonomous in your personal journey.

Unisun Energy is the only holistic program that uses the 5 life forces to act on all levels of your experience: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
The Unisun Method will guide you to discover the solutions within you, in depth. It’s not just a collection of techniques or meditations.

You’ll have the ability to determine what you really want for your life, and you can start making it happen!

On your own.

It’s the most wonderful gift you can give yourself for the rest of your life.

There’s more than one place where you can ask your questions, because I want to make sure you get 100% support in the process.


Here are the options available to you:

Question/Answer under each module: This is where you can ask your question, and my team of coaches and I will answer you personally. 

2 live webinars per month, hosted by myself and my coaching team. This is your opportunity to get personal support in real time. The calls take place every two weeks. You’ll also have the chance to hear questions and answers from your fellow Unisun Energy members, which is always helpful to better understand what you’re going through.

Forum: A place for discussion with community members and Unisun coaches.

Telegram community: This is a space dedicated to members only, where you can exchange without filter on a variety of subjects, and even on unexpected aspects. This is where you can build authentic connections that contribute to your metamorphosis.

One of the best things about Unisun Energy is the live webinars and support you receive in the program through our forum. You also have the possibility to ask your questions and receive answers on video.

We want to offer you the best opportunity for success. You will be able to participate in coaching calls every two weeks.

Coaches don’t just help you during these coaching calls. We are also here to provide support and answer your questions about the course platform.

If you wish to discuss a more personal subject in complete confidentiality, you can make an appointment with a Unisun-certified coach (this service is not included in the program).

What we’ve found is that group calls offer considerable value, as you benefit from the questions and answers of other Unisun Energy students.

You can also get answers to your individual questions on the course platform.

This question is really about the support you’ll receive… and if you look at our students’ results, you’ll see that the level of support is clearly there.

Aside from support, if you’d like to discuss a very personal matter in complete confidentiality, you’ll have the opportunity to make an appointment (not included in the program) with a Unisun-certified coach.

Your participation in Unisun Energy is €40 per month or €30 per month by opting for the annual subscription (which is equivalent to 3 months free!).

For those who are more convinced (and there are some!) you can pay 1x €990 for lifetime access to all current and future training.

When evaluating any type of purchase, the crucial question is to determine what type of return on investment it will bring you. Of course, returns will vary considerably from one person to another, and so will yours.

The truth is, this is an investment: an investment in you, in your life, your family, the world, your confidence and your inner peace.

PS: This price is deliberately set very low for what it is. We’re very well aware that this type of complete program usually sells for much more, but our desire is to involve as many people as possible. Not address only an elite.”

Nous proposons un abonnement mensuel à 40€ par mois ou annuel à 360€ par ans, renouvelables automatiquement. Vous pouvez vous désabonner à tout moment en envoyant un mail à

Don’t worry, you won’t be lost.

Online training is a flexible learning method accessible 24/7. It takes place on an online platform that requires no technical knowledge, where you have access to educational content such as courses, videos and resources.

Our members love the way our platform works! You can follow the courses at your own pace, according to your schedule. You’ll also have access to forums to interact with instructors and other learners, and have the opportunity to ask individual questions and receive answers through videos.

The platform’s content and live shows are available for as long as you remain a subscriber, with access to all program updates, which are regularly improved and expanded.

Absolutely. Unisun Energy is designed so that you can follow it at your own pace. 

In addition, as content is added (I am constantly improving the program) and as long as your subscription is active, you’re entitled to all updates free of charge.

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your platform login details.
  • Check your “promotions”, “important” or “unwanted” tabs to make sure you’ve received your e-mails. We invite you to add the following e-mail to your contacts:
  • Your access to the Unisun Energy platform and program content is immediate.

    The team will be happy to answer any questions you may have by e-mail: