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Dernier jour ! Dernière place disponible !

- Retirement -

The 5 ways of Love

A week to explore, feel & reveal love within yourself and manifest it in a fulfilling relationship.

From July 19 to 24, 2024

L’Amandier – Drôme

A unique experience

The “5 Ways of Love” retreat with Fabien Malgrand is a unique experience to treat in depth all aspects of your problem on different levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) thanks to the power of the UNISUN method.

In total immersion in a magical place selected for its inspiring setting and positive energy: The healing sun wakes you up every morning, nature surrounds you and charges you with its vital energy, you are nourished by the elements, you take a deep breath, anchor your feet in the grass, and sleep under the stars.

It is in this extraordinary setting that Fabien Malgrand and the UNISUN team guide you with kindness, day after day, through your process of metamorphosis, combining interior and exterior practices, bodily expression, movement, meditation, energy work… for an experience immersive and expansive.


Come let go, express yourself, and release your blockages in a caring & reassuring setting, guided by Fabien.

Transform yourself to open to Love

Today, more than ever, we need connection… connection. After long months of isolation, let’s release the energy and create connections!

What describes you best?

Single looking for love?

Healing from a recent separation?

In a relationship and you want to strengthen your relationship?

Are you looking for more connection, personal expansion, community and change?

Reconnect with love within and outside of you…

There is a secret that few couples know...

A more conscious and living relationship is not something that we find outside, it is something that we first create inside, by agreeing to work on our own fears, desires , wounds and limiting beliefs…

To attract to us the best of our partner… (or a better partner…).

Then become, as a couple, a sacred space of connection to oneself, to others and to life, to build together while realizing oneself individually.

unisun retraite metamorphose scaled

Experience an immersive journey inspired by the elements…

Imagine 5 days of exchanges and experiences guided by Fabien Malgrand to acquire tools that will allow you to create a reality more in line with your aspirations and values…

unisun estampe bois

Grow & Manifest


unisun estampe feu

Awaken & ignite


unusin estampe terre

ourish & refocusN


unisun estampe metal

Deepen & integrate


unisun estampe eau

Connect & Surrender


…to better understand your way of relating with yourself, and to carry out a profound  Metamorphosis  which will revolutionize your relationships, in your relationship but also in all areas.

Learn to love yourself again to bring in Love!

An immersive, fun and powerful experience!


Beautiful natural surroundings and nutritious food form the basis of the stay, alongside carefully chosen practices, processes and art forms that allow you to find yourself, expand and flourish.


Outdoor activities to connect to nature and breathe
Daily guided indoor practices
Body expression in movement
practices Meditation sessions
Time for exchange and sharing through group activities
Relaxation, nature, well-being, rejuvenation… and good mood !
“Surprise” speakers and practices
Connections and practical advice beyond the five days of retreat


This retreat offers a real chance to connect directly with Fabien, who will be fully available to answer your questions and support you.

It is also a privileged setting for building strong bonds and meeting great people.

For who

After the immersions organized in 2022 and 2023, we realized that it is impossible to describe the intensity and transformational power of these meetings in a few points here.

What we can tell you, however, is that this immersion is not a yoga or fitness retreat.

It is an immersive stay designed to immerse you in all the practices and all the experiences, guided by Fabien, to work on yourself on all levels.

This immersion is for you:

unisun Fabien Malgrand

Fabien Malgrand


After 25 years of experience, training and research to heal his own symptoms, Fabien wrote his first book “ I Choose to Heal ”, then began to transmit his method inspired by ancestral knowledge (Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, etc.). ), in synergy with current modern tools (hypnosis, neuroscience, psychology, etc.).

This method immediately met with great success thanks to both its simplicity and its profound effectiveness, perfectly describing the “life forces” which animate all experience and allowing everyone to use them in the service of their health and their career. , or its relationships.

He founded the company UNISUN intended to spread his method throughout the world as an Art of Living to help reconnect with the living things within us and outside of us.

Fabien is always accompanied by one or more experienced facilitators from his team for a better welcome and support.


5 days full board

(accommodation and vegetarian & organic meals included)

Rates per person

unisun geometrie sacree

Solo Room


(single bedroom)

1 440 € TTC

(possibility of paying 4 times €372.50)

Threesome Room


(1 room to share with 2 other people)

1 370 € TTC

(possibility of paying 4 times €342.50)

Duo Room


(1 room to share with another person)

1 490 € TTC

(possibility of paying 4 times €360)

Participants in the 2022 courses testify

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Note to participants

Unisun’s approach is an invitation to experiment with practices that are deeply rooted in one’s environment and which require us to become aware of our real energetic faculties and to embody them in order to live in full vitality. Our approach is a holistic approach. Fabien Malgrand’s transmission is inspired as much by shamanism, ancestral methods and philosophies, meditation, hypnosis, as well as other tools from a modern approach to the mind and sciences.

frequently asked Questions

L’immersion est ouverte à tous et s’adresse à toute personne âgée de plus de 18 ans, engagée dans une démarche de connaissance de soi, désirant être à l’écoute de soi-même. Vous pouvez participer à l’immersion seul.e ou en couple.

Il n’est pas nécessaire d’avoir suivi d’autres stages ou formations au préalable.

Un email détaillé sur l’accès au lieu du stage est envoyé à chaque participant avant le stage, incluant les gares et aéroports les plus proches, un plan d’accès, ainsi qu’un lien de covoiturage pour entrer en contact avec les autres participants et vous organiser. Tout est prévu pour vous simplifier la vie 🙂

Oui ! Le tarif proposé comprend la participation aux cinq jours de stage, ainsi que le prix de l’hébergement. Lors de votre inscription, vous pourrez choisir les modalités de votre hébergement en fonction des options et des places disponibles.

Oui, les repas du vendredi soir, petit-déjeuner, déjeuner et dîner durant le séjour, ainsi que le petit-déjeuner, déjeuner du mercredi sont compris. Des collations et boissons chaudes et/ou fraîches seront également mises à disposition pour les participants.

Pas d’inquiétude, la liste de ce dont vous aurez besoin vous sera envoyée par email un mois avant le début du stage. Ça ne sera rien de compliqué à part une tenue confortable, de quoi écrire, ainsi que votre gourde ou bouteille d’eau. Vous êtes là pour ne penser à rien et vous faire chouchouter par l’équipe pendant 5 jours !

Les dates et lieux des prochaines immersions sont régulièrement mises à jour sur notre site internet 

N’hésitez pas à nous envoyer un email à pour en savoir plus.