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UNISUN n'est pas seulement une entreprise, ni une méthode simple, Unisun est une mission :​

Ré-instaurer le dialogue avec le vivant, pour vivre à l’unisson avec la nature, avec les autres, avec les différentes parties de soi…

Et contribuer ainsi à la santé globale de tous les systèmes vivants.

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Notre constat

The different systems (economic, political, environmental, etc.) that make up our societies are reaching a breaking point.

The observation on all subjects is the same: the problems are growing, positions are becoming more rigid, the gaps are widening more and more…

And beyond that, our way of life destroys the environment and leads many species to extinction (including perhaps ours).

The fulfillment that science, technology or politics promised us is not happening. In fact, fear is increasing, and the future frightens more and more people, young people are losing hope in the world of tomorrow.

Depression and suicides are increasing day by day.

“Living together” is degraded.

This picture may seem gloomy, but remember how the world dreamed of the year 2000 and how people are now afraid of 2030 or 2050.

Our responsibility

If we are not individually responsible for political, scientific, societal and historical choices, we are nevertheless responsible for our actions. But our actions are always preceded by one thing: our system of thought.

The philosophy with which we make our choices for tomorrow stems directly from the education we receive.

We are imbued with the codes to follow to succeed, please, be loved or respected by the collective. These codes create a mold that defines our behavior. Collective hypnosis (unconscious behavior) thus dictates our choices and therefore the future that we are creating.

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What we want to avoid

Our culture being essentially based on fear, it has forged an education where we are wary of living things and nature. As well as oneself and one’s neighbor. And all the progress we have made (technological, scientific, etc.) is ultimately used to protect living things rather than to encourage them.

This leads to abuses in food systems, in medicine, in political choices, which ultimately lead to lowering the vitality of systems rather than increasing it.

And forests continue to die, animals continue to disappear, junk food continues to kill… Excesses of all kinds destroy society and humanity.

Everyone is looking for solutions… But always from the same philosophy , always from the same education, therefore always with the point of view that led to this destruction: analytical thinking focused on problems, rather than systemic thinking.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!”

Albert Einstein

So we want to act...

What if the solution simply came from within?

By changing our view of ourselves, we change our view of the world, we thus change our actions, and therefore the course of the future.

We believe that there is another way of seeing the world that leads to choices more conducive to the health of systems. A philosophy inspired by living things and nature, which precisely allows dialogue and listening to living things within oneself and outside oneself and therefore ultimately generating wise and respectful choices for nature, others and oneself. .

We therefore believe that we can act to contribute to history in a more positive way.

So we have set ourselves a mission: to do everything to contribute to a healthy world, by helping individuals, professionals, leaders and organizations, through education , to reconnect with the forces of life, by promoting dialogue with nature inside and outside of us.

For a bright future...

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment with us…

Imagine that an education or an art of living reconnected to the living world spreads in businesses, among individuals, in education, etc.

In a few years, we could live with (and no longer against) the world, according to a more harmonious rhythm, in balance with the forces of life.

We would have learned to make the link between individuals, between systems, between the different forces of life, by ceasing to oppose or subtract them but by composing with them, in a symphony of movements.

Is it utopian? Yes and so ?

Is it possible ? Of course !

Is the world awful and people too selfish for that to change? No… it all comes from their education!

It’s our job to support people in their metamorphosis and we know it’s possible!

Unisun is not a fixed method but a precise description of the laws of life which incorporates within it all opinions, all philosophies, all practices, by simply showing which life forces they use and how they are all complementary.

It is a matrix for evolving together, a tool for dialogue with all the other initiatives emerging around the world.

This is why we believe in the emergence of a world reconnected to life.

The values ​​we defend


We wish to embody a re-connection with living things, in order to promote the health of all ecosystems. Our mission is to cultivate vitality within us, by resynchronizing with nature, in order to better radiate it and share it outside of us.


We believe that the true strength of humans and the secret of real personal accomplishment is mutual assistance, sharing of experiences, tailor-made support and the motivation of a caring group, to better shine. on the world.


This implies being 100% responsible for yourself and your life, in order to embody the change you want to see in the world. No more victim, executioner or savior, but proactivity, communication and mutual aid!


We believe in the creative capacity of the mind, which is why, while accepting and visiting the negative part when necessary, we focus our attention on the positive in all circumstances, in order to direct our mind towards the solutions.


Finding the authenticity of being fully yourself means reconnecting with your deep mission, to better embody your own light. Play your own musical note in the great score of life. None of the previous values ​​can work without authenticity.

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unisun fabien

A word from Fabien

“I have always liked to question the status quo and the approach that society can impose on us on things. I have this impulse within me that pushes me to say to myself: “Is there another possible path? …More adapted, more effective, more respectful of living things, which  considers humans and life before the symptom or problem .

I deeply believe that our society makes mistakes that destroy us, simply because of the overall philosophy that drives it. As a therapist I cannot resolve to only individually repair the problems caused by our collective way of life. My goal is to multiply the fields of action, on all systems, thanks to a simple and powerful method, easily assimilated by everyone.

To contribute as much as possible to more peace and harmony “

A movement serving the living

On our humble scale, we wish to begin to actively and concretely contribute to life by participating in the various citizen movements that support it.

We have chosen to make a donation to TIME FOR THE PLANET, a civic organization that raises funds to get involved on a global scale in the fight against climate change.

A direct and massive impact for safeguarding our Planet Earth and preserving living things.

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